Logs are a key component for troubleshooting infrastructure and application errors. Some software does a few things well, but falls short in other areas. Muscula is a muscular application with a full suite of features. Work less, earn more.

AI Powered explanations

Save time searching the internet for a solution.

Muscula can show explanations powered by AI backed by OpenAI that you know for the famous ChatGPT app.


Intelligent error grouping

No wasted time

Muscula delivers all errors into your central dashboard, and gives you powerful search and sort capabilities. No wasted time reading lines of a log for a single error. Impress clients with your resolution speed. Muscula does the work; you get the credit.


Uptime Checks

Know Instantly When a Site Doesn’t Load

Use Muscula’s outstanding Uptime Check as a standalone or with our error logging function. Know minute-by-minute whether a website or app is unavailable and FIX IT FAST! When a test fails, you’ll receive an immediate email with the error notification. Look smart and timely while Muscula’s Uptime Check does the hard work.


Structural logging

Debug on production

Muscula allows you alongside the errors log also additional information like data user sent with request. You can view and search that data to check all errors related to user's request. Check our documentation for more information.


No risk

Website or servers are safe

Muscula requires no changes to your code or a proxy, so your website or servers are safe.


Expert support

We are fanatical about support

As fellow developers, we are passionate about an error-free user experience, and we want you to get the most out of your investment in Muscula and our services. We provide full support for our product, and our team of experts is poised to help resolve challenges and answer queries.


Multiple projects

One place to view them all

Monitor all applications or websites in one place, backend and frontend. Identify problems at a glance even if the web site is complex or the application has many parts.


Blazing fast interface

Faster than the blink of an eye

Muscula shows your errors in fewer than 100ms. Get rid of those logging systems that have overloaded, slow interfaces. Throttle into the future with Muscula.

Easy set up

Ready to go in five minutes

Create a log and paste the code fragment in your app or on the website.


CMS or blogging platform diagnostic

For websites, mobile or ecommerce

Works with every CMS, framework or site generator, including: Gatsby, WordPress, Wix, Bootstrap and SquareSpace. Great for ecommerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce.


Use it for mobile

Any JavaScript-based site

Android, iOS or nearly native platforms, such as PhoneGap, React Native or NativeScript.


Supports all front-end frameworks

Just drop in the code

Compatible with Angular, React, Vue, Svelte, JQuery and many others.


Virtually all back-end languages

C#, Java, PHP, Python and more

One centralized place to check all components.


Get free trial

No credit card needed & free plan available! Start with a free plan and upgrade any time.


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