monitors your live website and alerts you whenever a customer
or visitor experiences a Javascript error.

This information is invaluable.
Without Muscula in your corner, you could be losing customers without ever realising why.
This could be catastrophic for your business, your revenue and your reputation.

Your customers expect and deserve the best user experience when they visit your website. Muscula helps you to provide a reliable, error-free experience for your visitors, keeping them happy, coming back for more and sharing their experience with others. With Muscula installed, you can keep on top of those troublesome errors that can occur out of the blue, and ensure they're resolved as quickly as possible.

So, you've written
your code

and of course you've tested it, but for some reason, stuff still breaks. This is a frustrating experience for you, but most importantly, it's a frustrating experience for your customers.

Just one Javascript error could be all it takes to turn a customer off your brand, products or services forever. Even worse, you may never know these errors are occurring.

Every Javascript-based
system or website

will develop errors at some point, either from launch or when further developments are implemented.

It's our mission to help you find these errors and resolve them before they have an impact on your customers and your revenue.