JavaScript Error Logging

Every JavaScript based webpage or system has errors.
It is our mission to help you find them.
More than 1,036,800,000 errors catched!
Millions of pageviews monitored!

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What is Muscula

Muscula is used in your production environment on your website. You will be logging the JavaScript errors that the visitors of the website experience.

If you do not log JavaScript errors with a tool like Muscula you will never know that the errors are. With Muscula you find them so you can fix the errors in time, keeping your visitors happy.

How it works

All you need to do is insert a piece of JavaScript on your page and you are logging your JavaScript errors. You will log errors on all major browsers and mobile devices, including iPads with old iOS versions and Safari. Log on to to see the errors your site has. There is no software to install.

Log your own info with Muscula.log()

It's as easy as: Just add the code for ('', 42, true) in your JavaScript. You can measure the freqency of non critical or severe errors.



Muscula has a new logo and website

We prepared new logo and new polished website.

Project Muscula is acquired by Universe Surf GmbH

Project Muscula is now part of Universe Surf GmbH. Stay tuned for new features in next few months!